Improve Your Putting Forever

The Probe’s unique Break Reduction Technology is simple to use, and it will  forever change the way golfers think about putting!  The patent pending technology in the Probe  enables you to counteract the break in any putt.  Every golfer can shave strokes off their game with the Probe.  It’s that simple.  You will no longer fear those short breaking putts, and you will have a tremendous advantage over your competition.GOLF Magazine awarded Probe the 2014 Techy Award – for inventing the most technologically advanced putter on the market.LPGA Professional of the Year and top golf instructor Angela Aulenti has endorsed the putter.  Having experienced first hand the effectiveness of the Probe’s unique Break Reduction Technology, Aulenti encourages her elite students to use the Probe.Watch this video to see for yourself how the Probe can help you drastically improve your score.  The Probe 20/10 is the only putter in the world with Break Reduction Technology.  Take the future of putting into your own hands and order your Probe today.