Professional of the Year and Top Golf Instructor Angela Aulenti Endorses the Probe 20/10 Putter

Professional Endorsement for Probe Putter

Aulenti is a Class A Member of both the LPGA T&CP, as well as the PGA of America. She is the President of the LPGA Northeast section and the Director of Golf Operations for two facilities, Sterling Farms and E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Courses. Aulenti directs the golfing education at each facility, teaching and co-coordinating golfing.. Read More

Golf Magazine Calls the Probe the Most Technologically Advanced Putter

Golf Magazine Techy Award

“We’re here to recognize state-of-the-art excellence across the game.  The ‘break-reduction technology’ on this center-shafted putter is designed to minimize the curl on that four-foot slider.  Play the ball off the toe on a right-to-left putt and the Probe imparts a clockwise spin, reducing the break.  On left-to-right putts, hit it off the heel for.. Read More