Professional of the Year and Top Golf Instructor Angela Aulenti Endorses the Probe 20/10 Putter

Professional Endorsement for Probe Putter

2011 Professional of the Year, Angela Aulenti,
endorses PROBE GOLF’s new 20/10 Putter Series with “Break Reduction Technology”

Aulenti is a Class A Member of both the LPGA T&CP, as well as the PGA of America. She is the President of the LPGA Northeast section and the Director of Golf Operations for two facilities, Sterling Farms and E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Courses.

Aulenti directs the golfing education at each facility, teaching and co-coordinating golfing instruction through private lessons, clinics and seminars. An expert in golfing instruction, Aulenti was recognized by Golf for Women magazine in 2003 as one of the top 50 golf instructors in America. An accomplished player, she was the LPGA T&CP Senior National Champion in 2007 and won the LPGA National Team Championship in 2008. In 2010, she established the state-of-the-art Aulenti Club Fitting Studio, featuring Trackman technology.

In 2011, the LPGA T&CP named Angela Aulenti Professional of the Year.  “I am so honored to have been chosen National Professional of the Year. It is so special to have your peers recognize your accomplishments,” said Aulenti. “This award is definitely a highlight in my career.”

Angela Aulenti

Angela Aulenti celebrates her victory at the 2007 LPGA T&CP National Championship!

One of Probe Golf’s shareholders is a student of Angela Aulenti, and in June of 2012 he took a prototype of the PROBE 20/10 to Angela’s instructional facility at Stamford, Connecticutt.  He explained the technology of the PROBE to Angela, and asked her if she would give it a try.  She did so, testing it on her own putting green.  Her conclusions?

“PROBE GOLF’s new ‘Break Reduction Technology’ in its Probe 20/10 putter really works!  Everyone can benefit from its 80% reduction in the break on those tough, short breaking putts!”

Angela’s comments were her own.  Our shareholder asked if Angela would allow the company to use her quote as an endorsement.  She said, “Of course! Use it in your advertising, and I do not want any compensation of any kind!”

That is the kind of endorsement that means something to regular golfers in a day and age when professional golfers ordinarily demand compensation from manufacturers before they allow any mention of their name and endorsement to the general public.


  1. Dr. Roger Ratchford says:

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished since the days I watched you as you traipsed around Longshore. I forwarded this endorsement to my old buddy, Joe Folino, whose putting certainly needs some help. A stroke saved is like money in the bank.


  1. That's impressive! says:

    Very impressive that p\Professional of the Year and Top Golf Instructor Angela Aulenti Endorsed the Probe 20/10 Putter!