“In January of 1991, PROBE Golf entered the driver market. Every major manufacturer made its metal driver heads with a 16-inch radius bulge (toe to heel curvature; with the same radius as a circle with a radius of 16 inches). Their roll measurement from top to bottom on the face was “infinite”, completely flat.

“Our first PROBE driver faces had 10 inches of bulge and 10 inches of roll. Our more curved faces added 30 yards to every drive. Johnny Miller was one of the first tour players to try the PROBE drivers, and ended up asking me to send him one dozen PROBE driver heads each month for the next year!

“Chi Chi Rodriguez received the first PROBE driver on the Senior Tour in April of 1991, and won four tournaments the first three months he used it. In mid-June of 1991 I received a fax from Chi Chi’s agent and attorney, Eddie Elias, demanding that I pay Chi Chi $150,000 for him to continue using my driver!  Can you believe that?  I declined, and Chi Chi accepted money from Callaway to switch to its Big Bertha driver.  Chi Chi fell from first on the money list to tenth using Big Bertha!  In the next three years twenty-three Seniors won on tour with a PROBE. It took the rest of the industry three years to copy PROBE driver faces!  If changing the curvature on a driver face had been patentable, every tour professional in the world would be playing a PROBE off the tee today!

“As for Chi Chi? He didn’t win another tournament for 15 months after changing from his PROBE driver to Big Bertha, until he used my PROBE 20/20 putter in September of 1992 for the first time! Tour stars’ agents often interfere with the equipment their players use on tour, but sooner or later the winningest players use what works best for them, regardless of how much money they may be offered to play less effective golf equipment! It is only a matter of time before tour players learn how the PROBE 20/10’s Break Reduction Technology will place them at the top of the world’s money list!”

Probe Golf, Inc. needs about 400 avid golfers nationwide as exclusive distributors operating from home. Earn over $100,000 annually! Email: contact@probegolf.com

“In 1992, I obtained four patents on my PROBE 20/20 putter, golf’s first and only inverted-shafted putter.  I signed a marketing agreement with a marketing group out of New York, and gave them control over my invention for the next five years.

Arnold Palmer Putter, Putter, Probe Putter, Pete and Arnold PalmerThey invested $1,000,000 in my new golf putter to produce a 30-minute infomercial and airing their infomercial nationwide. They sold 125,000 putters for $120 each, plus shipping, grossing over $15,000,000! Marketing my new putter technology through the infomercial and making some fast money was their only goal. They were not interested in introducing the putter to professional golfers.

Pete Baumann, Probe Golf

Pete Baumann, President of Probe Golf and Inventor of “Break Reduction Technology”

“In October of 2010, I woke up from a dream wherein I had been playing in a golf tournament, and I was using a revolutionary new putter that did things no other putter in the history of the game could ever do!” In that dream I made every difficult breaking putt I faced, and I won the tournament.

“When I was awake, I remembered the dream, and I remembered the feeling of excitement I had at that moment.   Before I forgot that dream, and the feeling I experienced, I grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing down that experience of making every tough breaking putt I had faced in the dream, of deliberately putting side spin on the ball to counter the apparent break in each putt.  “For the next two years I kept that vision in my mind while I tried to figure out how I could manufacture the putter I had used in my dream.

“In the PROBE 20/10, I have invented a putter that does something no other putter in the history of the game of golf ever did, probably something no golfer has ever even imagined doing with a putter!  It took a dream, an unconscious thought during my dream, to end up with the concept of a “break reducing” putter.

“Take a look at the PROBE ‘Crib Sheet’ in the Instruction Section of this website, to get an idea how the PROBE 20/10 lets you take the guesswork out of making those tough breaking putts!

“Now I look forward to letting all golfers, amateurs and professionals alike, learn why my PROBE 20/10 putter, with its Break Reduction Technology is the best performing putter of all time!  We all have an unconscious thought, during a dream, to thank for the Probe 20/10!

“In closing, I am proud to say that Probe Golf, Inc. is only marketing its amazing new putter technology through the approximate 400 avid golfers who make the choice to apply for a position as one of our PROBE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS nationwide! Our GREATEST POWER is the POWER TO CHOOSE!

“I look forward to awarding those 400 avid golfers who CHOOSE TO JOIN US with huge success as Probe distributors in the next ten years!

“Contact Probe Golf by emailing contact@probegolf.com if interested in a position as a Probe distributor.”

Peter Baumann
President, Probe Golf